Wednesday, September 12, 2012


summer is coming to an end and chilly fall is taunting us.
ive been slowly going through my wardrobe, packing away summer goodness and evaluating what i need for the fall and winter seasons. 
just purchased the most amazing boots and i cant wait to showcase them with a big chunky sweater and this amazing creme silk slip dress i just bought. my lover & i took a trip to Brimfield Antique Show and there was so much amazingness to feast my eyes on that by the end of the day i was exhausted to say the least.
we went home to cuddle, munch on some fish tacos and watch Almost Famous.

Been thinking a lot lately of how peaceful life has been. Its amazing what a little re-evaluating in life can do.  Ive learned over the years and in my profession that there are just some people who will always bring toxicity and negative energy with them where-ever they go. im a firm believer that it takes far more energy to be angry than happy and only WE are in control of our own happiness.  ive learned to rid my life and my surroundings of negative energy and those who create it and thrive on it.
the older i get, the more finite i realize life to be and i want to live it happy and fulfilled, doing what i can to better the world around me. im lucky to have a profession that provides that for others who are less fortunate than myself.
LIVE AND LEARN my sweets, until next time.

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